Site Visit

April 30th 2010

The land belongs to Uig and Hamnaway Estate, which has offered, through Sir Peter Cresswell, to gift the plot to the community for Ionad Hiort. During WW2 the site was, along with Brenish and Mealista, a radar station manned by upward of 200 RAF personnel. A a number of Nissen huts were erected at the Geodha Sgoilt and the concrete bases and chunks of broken brick and concrete remain.

The site is all on Mangurstadh common grazings, part of which was apportioned and re-seeded in the 1960s by a group of local crofters: Donald Buchanan No9, his cousin Murdo Buchanan No7, Murdo Macleod No10, and Donald Morrison. This whole area of land had to be re-fenced again in the mid 1990s, by Donald Buchanan and his sons Murdanie and Iain (now chair of the Development Group).

The old buildings are still used occasionally for gathering the sheep into; these buildings will likely be knocked down during to make way for the centre, but blast-proof walls that once protected the radar scanner contain a large quantity of fine dressed stone, seemingly from the Valtos Glen quarries, which may be repurposed during the development.

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