Ionad Hiort Community Appraisal

February 19th 2013

In December 2012 a Community Appraisal of the proposed St Kilda Centre was undertaken. Ionad Hiort would like to thank all those who took the time to complete and return their appraisal forms. The appraisal results and comments will prove to be very valuable in moving the project forward. The final results of the appraisal have been analysed by Uig’s Local Development Officer, on behalf of Ionad Hiort Ltd.

354 appraisals were sent out to members of the Uig community, and 166 appraisals were returned. This is a return rate of 47%, which is well above average for a postal survey of this kind.

Responses show that 119 people are supportive of the project, which is 72% of respondents.

25 people do not support the project and 15 people are unsure of their support for the project at present. 7 people chose not to answer this question.

It is encouraging to see a high percentage of support for the project from within the Uig Community.

Responses show that 53 people have concerns about the project, including some people who are also supportive of the project. The main concerns that were raised were relating to the current state of the single track road to the site, the impact on the environment/wildlife in the area, and the size and scope of the building project.

As an integral part of the project, Ionad Hiort will be meeting regularly to address concerns raised, and to provide further information, as it becomes available, regarding the progress of the project.

Regular articles will appear in Uig News, and you can also keep up to date on development on our Facebook and Twitter sites, and the website

For more information contact a Director of Ionad Hiort, or the Local Development Officer on 672 456 or /

A full copy of the Appraisal can be found here Appraisal Results v1.0

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