Project Development Update

October 3rd 2013

Project Development

I thought it would be timely to give everyone an update on recent events which now have potential to move things forward and take the project to the next stage. It has always been clear that the local group on its own could not take on the burden of fund-raising on the scale required and that we would need external support to take Ionad Hiort from concept to execution, via the raising of money!

Now, as a result of funding being made available for this specific purpose by HIE, we have been able to select a consultant whose task over the next few weeks will be to put together a “scoping process” which will form the basis of a proposal going to potential funders. After reviewing several applicants, Ionad Hiort agreed to appoint Andrew Ormston who is based in East Lothian, has extensive experience of similar projects and who impressed us all with his enthusiasm and grasp of the Ionad Hiort concept.

Since then, Andrew has visited on September 12th and has described his experience as “an inspiring day” which has further motivated him to do everything he possibly can to advance the project. He will now work on a report which will have “a strong and practical focus on next steps” which is exactly what we need. A great deal depends on Andrew assembling a brief, with support from the group and also the wider community, which will prove credible and indeed compelling in the eyes of funders.

Land Transfer

As you may be aware the site landowners, Uig and Hamnaway Estate, have gifted the spectacular cliff-top location at Geodha Sgoilt to Ionad Hiort. The gift is subject to all the necessary funding and building permissions being in place in the future. The land transfer is being dealt with by the solicitors for both parties, and we hope to be able to announce the completion of the initial stages of the land transfer shortly.

Iain Buchanan

Chairman, Ionad Hiort

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