Project Review of Ionad Hiort by Andrew Ormiston

October 4th 2013

The Review

The purpose of the review is to provide a clear pathway to the creation of a business case and prospectus for the development of the St Kilda Centre in Uig.
The challenge is to combine a wide menu of ideas and aspirations into a deliverable and sustainable vision and operating model. The next step will be to carry out more detailed work to establish future demand, routes to investment and a business case. The method combined a review of the 2010 feasibility report, a site visit and discussion with the Project Group on the 22nd August 2013 followed by desk research and telephone consultation.
The starting point is the work to date, including the St Kilda outline strategic brief and the work of the Contents Sub-Group. The former describes a vision, set of aims and development process. The latter presents a picture of the potential contents of the proposed Centre.

To read more, you can download the full Project Review by Andrew Ormiston of Drew Wylie below:

St Kilda Centre - Project Review

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