Update December 2015

December 16th 2015

Steady progress continues to be maintained with the Ionad Hiort/ St Kilda project. A second major consultancy is now out to tender and work on it should start in mid-December. This phase of expert consultation will recommend how all the elements of the internal and external experience of the Centre will look.
The consultancy will show how to tell what James Rebanks described as the St Kilda’s ‘core narrative’ - the story of the St Kilda people and their survival across the ages. This work will be quickly followed by the two remaining expert consultancies, one that deals with structural and design requirements of the site, the other will be the business plan. All these expert consultancies inform one another and their recommendations will provide the basis of the prospectus and business case that goes to the National Lottery and other public and private funders.
The St Kilda Centre - A World-Class Idea by James Rebanks, an expert in World Heritage tourism, was the first in the series of those expert consultancies and they have been financed by HIE. The Rebanks Report (which was the subject of the last Uig News Ionad Hiort update) was completed in the Spring of this year. It is regarded as the blue-print for the overall development and is now available on-line at www.ionadhiort.org
After five years of involvement with Ionad Hiort, Hugh Henderson, the company’s much-valued Company Secretary, resigned from this position in the summer. Hugh’s legal skills were absolutely invaluable in establishing the company. His wise counsel will continue to available to us as one of Ionad Hiort’s special advisors. We are also extremely fortunate in securing the services of another lawyer with Uig connections, Mark Higgins of the Glasgow law firm, Irwin Mitchell, who has taken over from Hugh as Company Secretary.
Ionad Hiort’s important collaborations with the Glasgow School of Art’s centre for Design and Innovation continues to grow. It was further strengthened with the recent appointment of George Jaramello, who has a range of relevant skills including a background in architecture and design, as their principal contact with Ionad Hiort. George hopes to relocate to Uig for the duration of his work with Ionad Hiort.
Invariably there have been a lot of meetings with different agencies and potential partners over the period. These include a very successful meeting with SAMS – the centre for marine science outside Oban who are keen to collaborate with Ionad Hiort.

Joni Buchanan

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