Specially published by Ionad Hiort, Martin Martin's A Voyage to St Kilda.

First published in 1698 after Martin Martin's journey - available for Kindle and as an ePub eBook for free.

Back to the future.

Ionad Hiort have published a full version of A Voyage to St Kilda as a free eBook for mobile devices and Kindle readers.

MĂ rtainn MacGilleMhĂ rtainn, Martin Martin, was a Skye born writer best known for his work A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, 1703 & 1716. This book is particularly noted for its information on the St Kilda archipelago. Martin's description of St Kilda, which he visited in 1697, had also been published some years earlier as A Late Voyage to St Kilda ,1698.

Brought to you by Ionad Hiort - the new St Kilda Experience - in the village of Mangersta in the district of Uig, on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, the focus for sharing the islands' story.

Free St kilda eBook The 1749 Edition frontispiece, image courtesy of Joni Buchanan, Ionad Hiort.
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