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Ionad Hiort Ltd, a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, is responsible for the planning and development of the proposed Ionad Hiort, St Kilda Centre, at a spectacular cliff-top site near Mangurstadh, Uig.

The Directors of the Company are responsible for holding regular meetings during the period between annual general meetings; for generally controlling and supervising the activities of the company and, in particular, for monitoring the financial position of the company.

However, a Company Limited by Guarantee also needs MEMBERS – both Ordinary and Associate Members –and now, given the strong support for Ionad Hiort evidenced in the results of the recent Community Appraisal, the Directors invite, you, the community, to become members of Ionad Hiort Ltd.

Ordinary Members play an important role in the company structure; they have important powers under the Company’s articles of association with the right to attend, and vote at, the Annual General Meeting, (and any extraordinary general meeting), the right to stand for election to the Board, the right to elect people to serve as directors, and to the right to take decisions in relation to any changes to the articles themselves.

Ordinary Membership of Ionad Hiort is open to people aged 16 and over who are ordinarily resident in the Uig area (from Breanish to Scaliscro); and are either Council Tax payers in the area or are members of the direct family (spouse, partner, child or grandchild) of such a Council Tax payer and are resident with such Council Tax payers.

Associate Membership is open to those who are not ordinarily resident in the area but support the objects of the Company. Associate Members are neither eligible to stand for election to the Board nor to vote at any General Meeting.

Both Ordinary and Associate Members must be in support of the Company’s aims and objectives, as listed in the Company’s Articles of Association. These are:

  1. to own, develop and thereafter maintain and operate at Uig on the Isle of Lewis, a centre for the promotion of greater understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of St Kilda through appropriate interpretation, activities and experiences;

  2. to acquire and display to the public at the Centre and elsewhere a collection of artefacts related to St Kilda and to provide protection of the Specimens comprised in the Collection from deterioration, damage, loss, accidental destruction or unauthorised disposal and to adopt appropriate polices for the Collection and to maintain an accurate register of all Specimens acquired for or removed from the Collection; and

  3. to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural significance of remote islands and their communities generally.

A copy of the Membership Application form can be downloaded here Ionad Hiort.Membership Application.Form. (1)

For an electronic copy of the Membership application form, or a copy of the Articles of Association, please contact any Director or the Local Development Officer on 672 456 or

Ionad Hiort is Registered in Scotland No SC387983

Scottish Charity Number SC042235

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